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a customer and a pharmacistPrecision Rx Pharmacy is a locally-based and privately-operated pharmacy offering quality service to Patients and Prescribers.


Patients can secure the prescription medications they need in these convenient ways. Precision Rx Pharmacy will refill your prescription quickly and accurately:

  • Call us at 813-463-8009 to place your order.
  • Or, visit these online forms/pages to send your request through our website:


Have you ever had a patient who had difficulty responding to medication you had prescribed? You are not alone! Our team at Precision Rx Pharmacy understands the challenges to patient response and we can provide solutions for you. Let us work with you to create a customized medication to meet the individual needs of your patient and ultimately optimize their therapy. We can even re-create medication that is difficult to find or discontinued.

Common reasons for patient response variation include:

  • Patient non-compliance
  • Allergies to active ingredients and/or additives
  • Route of administration difficulty e.g. swallowing difficulty
  • Dose commercially available is ineffective
  • Unpleasant taste of medication
  • Side effects or adverse effects

How to write a compounding prescription:

  • Rx ________________________ (name and details of patient)
  • Prescription must begin with “Compounded medication”
  • Generic name of active ingredient(s) / strength or dose (i.e. mg or %)
  • Dosage form (i.e. suppository, lotion, ointment, capsule etc)
  • Quantity
  • Direction for use

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