Special Packaging

a customer and a pharmacist manDid you know that you can increase your medication therapy compliance by just changing the packaging? At Precision Rx Pharmacy, our special packaging options help patients in organizing their meds. Better organization leads to better reminders – and when you remember to take your meds at the right time and consistently, you’ll be on your way to recovery.

Special Packaging can be tailored to your specific prescription(s) and the length of time you are taking your medication(s):

  • Prefilled Insulin Syringes
  • Blister Packs (Single / Multiple Prescriptions)
  • Travel Packing
  • Child Resistant Safety-Caps
  • 15-Day or 30-Day Card
  • Bubble Pack (Individual and Group Medications)
  • Clear Vials with Large Labels
  • Group Packaging
  • Grouped Medications (Pillow Pack)
  • Bi-Weekly Caddies

Visit our pharmacy and talk to our staff. We can help you determine the best way to package your meds.

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